Zhewitra 20mg Buying Guide: Long Lasting Choice for ED That Will Keep up for Hours

by Edward S. 2017-07-09

Zhewitra is an excellent choice for long lasting effects.

Zhewitra 20mg Tablets

Zhewitra 20mg Tablets

Zhewitra is customers’ recent favorite choice and quickly becoming a bestseller. The phenomenal reviews of Zhewitra are pouring in. People are particularly fond of the prolonged effects, which continue for hours whenever stimulated. Now you can enjoy drug’s activity for the large part of your day, which is especially important in the case of Levitra alternatives where it’s recommended to take only one pill a day.

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Generic Levitra market is booming with various drugs surpassing the popularity and efficiency of both Viagra, Cialis, and brand Levitra. Generics of Levitra, like Zhewitra, combine Levitra’s incredible strength and efficiency, with the lowest prices. They are also easy to get online without a need for renewed prescriptions.

They are however some risks involved, namely, suspect sites that sell counterfeit products. Such drugs usually don’t work because they lack active components and only look like the real thing. What is worse, they are often dangerous to consume because they are produced without pharmaceutical knowledge, safety protocols or attention to hygiene from chemicals that are likely harmful.

To not fall victim to the counterfeit medicine you must check if the website is legit. To do that, Google the e-pharmacy, read the reviews, pay attention to what other customers had to say about it. Don’t go for anything that has less than 3 stars or lacks customer feedback. Finally, go for the checked and established businesses that operate a while now, like Generic Doctor. They have a 5-year expertise in the market of ED drugs which contributes to faster deliveries, lower prices, and nicer service.

Zhewitra on Generic Doctor Website

Zhewitra on Generic Doctor Website

Positives and Negatives of Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is a super effective anti-ED remedy with many positives that can make your life easy. There are also some negatives you should know about.


Powerful activity of Levitra

Zhewitra and Levitra contain the same active component (Vardenafil), which gives them their super activity. Vardenafil makes Levitra and Zhewitra very efficient in redistributing blood to the pelvic area. They have long lasting effects upon stimulation and work quite quickly, within 25min or less.

Modest prices

Unlike Levitra brand from Bayer, Levitra Generics are a bargain. That’s because they come from smaller companies in India and charge only for the production and safety testing while Bayer tries to make as much money as possible to finance the huge corporation and satisfy the investors. You keep between $149 and $820 on every purchase of Zhewitra from Generic Doctor. Check how much you want to save buying Zhewitra instead of brand Levitra.

Brand Levitra 20 mg vs Zhewitra 20mg

Pills per Pack Brand Levitra 20 mg Average Market Price
(3 Stars)
Zhewitra 20mg Price from Generic Doctor
(5 Stars)
You save!
10 $198.45 $49.00 $149.45 Buy now! Test pack
30 $481.95 $119.00 $362.95 Buy now!
60 $724.95 $179.00 $545.95 Buy now! Top pick
90 $927.45 $229.00 $698.45 Buy now!
120 $1089.45 $269.00 $820.45 Buy now! Bulk saving

Top quality

Many people are worried that if they don’t pay the exorbitant prices for Levitra, they will receive something of a lower quality. That’s simply not true. As long as the Generic Levitra comes from a reliable producer compliant with GMP and FDA standards, your drug will have same or often better quality than that of a big corporation that tries to cut costs and boost profits. Zhewitra comes from Sunrise Remedies which is a family run company with 35 years in the industry, and 18 years of producing ED generics. They comply with pharmaceutical norms and put their hearts and care into remedies that are efficient, powerful and safe.

The negatives of online generics you should know about.

Online Accessibility

Although you won’t get your favorite generic in the district pharmacy, it’s always accessible online. What you need is a basic computer or smartphone skill.

Timing of shipments

You always have to wait a bit for your package, but if you choose the right provider, the shipments should be quick and reliable. Check customer opinions about deliveries. Generic Doctor offers fast shipping via express mail that takes only 6-10days.

False e-shops scams

You may encounter scammy e-shops that want your credit card data or sell counterfeit medication. To save yourself from the expense from direct fraud or medical bills after consuming harmful pills, you should always check the reviews, consult other people online and rely on specialist reviewers to choose the safest e-shops.

How to Buy Zhewitra 20 mg Online Without Risking Your Health or Your Wallet

Zhewitra is one of the best-selling and longest lasting Levitra generics. It also works exclusively after stimulation, so the effect is targeted for intimate situations.

To purchase a safe and real Zhewitra, from a renowned producer, Sunrise Remedies, you need to look for an e-store with a lasting reputation and outstanding customer feedback.

Generic Doctor is a customer-oriented company with a phenomenal service and fast shipping. They provide you with powerful and safe pills, and the best buying experience so you keep coming back for more. Generic Doctor supplies remedies which are produced by certified and known laboratories, and which are approved by serious health organizations like WHO and USFDA. Most importantly, Generic Doctor offers the lowest prices on ED generics and Zhewitra online. You can purchase Zhewitra from $2.07 per pill. See table for how that compares to other Zhewitra providers.

Zhewitra 20mg Price Comparison Chart

Pills in Each Package Average Zhewitra 20mg Price on the Market
(3 Stars)
Generic Doctor Zhewitra 20mg Price
(5 Stars)
Your Savings!
10.00 $63.95 $49.00 $14.95 Buy now! Smart trial!
30.00 $155.30 $119.00 $36.30 Buy now!
60.00 $233.60 $179.00 $54.60 Buy now! Customer Favorite!
90.00 $298.85 $229.00 $69.85 Buy now!
120.00 $351.05 $269.00 $82.05 Buy now! Bulk order!

When buying larger packs at Generic Doctor, you receive ten extra pills as a bonus and a super fast ‘express shipping’ for free. Packs of 60 and 90 pills also come with free shipping which is another great opportunity to save money.

Zhewitra 20 mg Prices

Zhewitra 20 mg Prices

Zhewitra 20mg Alternatives

Levitra is a fantastic anti-ED medicine that has surpassed both Cialis and Viagra in efficiency and long lasting effects. But the brand Levitra is too expensive and difficult to obtain. That’s why many small companies produce Levitra generics, like Zhewitra, which are as efficient as Levitra but a few times less expensive and obtainable without a prescription. Check amazing prices of Zhewitra at Generic Doctor.

Zhewitra 20mg Price vs Generic Levitra

Number of Pills Generic No-Name Levitra 20 mg
(1 Star)
Zhewitra 20mg Price From Generic Doctor
(5 Stars)
Savings on Zhewitra 20mg
10.00 $58.82 $49.00 $9.82 Buy now! Sample pack
30.00 $142.86 $119.00 $23.86 Buy now!
60.00 $214.89 $179.00 $35.89 Buy now! Top Selection
90.00 $274.91 $229.00 $45.91 Buy now!
120.00 $322.93 $269.00 $53.93 Buy now! Cheapest deal


If you seek solid and long lasting ED solution, Zhewitra is your best choice. It’s the top quality medication that can last for hours and acts only when you are stimulated.

Zhewitra gathered phenomenal reviews praising its quick and lasting effects, and the excellent prices. With Generic Doctor, you can count on exclusive Zhewitra deals that save you up to $820 on one pack. Check their exquisite sale right now!