Vardenafil 20mg Buying Guide: Why You Should Never Buy the Unnamed Generics and Choose Generic Levitra

by Edward S. 2017-07-09

Vardenafil is used as a broad and collective name for many Levitra substitutes that don’t have a name and come from unknown companies.

Vardenafil 20mg Tablets

Vardenafil 20mg Tablets

Needless to say, such generics that come from the unknown and uncheckable companies could contain anything. If you don’t know where something has been made, you can’t check if it was certified, or if the basic rules of hygiene and pharmaceutical formulation have been applied. In short, you could be severely endangering your health by taking such a pill.

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To work around this, you should always go for Levitra generics that come from trusted e-stores. Then you can be positive that you are buying an exact imitation of brand Levitra and not just any Vardenafil formulation. Selecting a reputable e-store also gives you a guarantee of high-quality medications that come from tested sources.

Levitra Generic 20mg Tablets

Levitra Generic 20mg Tablets

Pharmacy Mall is a good example of reputable e-store that provides only well investigated and good quality remedies. Because of their large experience in ED field, they have created trusted partnerships with the best generics producers, and they always offer the top quality pills along with the best deals for patient’s pocket.

Vardenafil 20mg Tablets on Pharmacy Mall

Vardenafil 20mg Tablets on Pharmacy Mall

Impressive Gains and Potential Risks of Getting Generic Vardenafil

Using generics leads to some indisputable gains. Namely, you save a ridiculous amount of money. But there are some potential risks involved.


Incredible Levitra Activity

Generics have all the activity provided by branded Levitra. They also contain Vardenafil that can relax smooth muscles while directing blood volume to the penile area, making you ready and super erect when stimulated. Always choose Levitra Generic instead of just Vardenafil to be sure you get the right formulation from a known laboratory.

Budget-friendly alternatives

Unlike Bayer’s brand drug, Generic Levitra is affordable. You even save $123 on your test package of 10 pills and enjoy a drug of equal strength and efficiency as a Bayer version. Pharmacy Mall currently offers the lowest pricing on their bestselling Levitra Generic. See the price comparison of Levitra.

Brand Levitra 20 mg vs Generic Levitra 20mg

The amount of pills in blister Brand Levitra 20 mg Average Market Price
(3 Stars)
Levitra 20mg Price from Pharmacy Mall
(5 Stars)
Saves you
10 $163.86 $40.26 $123.60 Buy it! Generic Test
20 $229.06 $56.28 $172.78 Buy it!
30 $295.26 $72.30 $221.96 Buy it!
60 $490.91 $120.37 $369.54 Buy it!
90 $684.51 $168.43 $517.08 Buy it! Customer favorite
120 $881.16 $216.50 $664.66 Buy it!
180 $1272.40 $312.63 $959.77 Buy it!
270 $1859.30 $456.83 $1402.47 Buy it! Save on bulk

Top Quality Generics

Although all generics of Levitra contain Vardenafil, the ones that use the name Vardenafil 20mg, are usually not that good and sometimes outright dangerous. That’s because they come from unchecked companies. It’s safer to choose a generic with a name, such as Levitra, and to buy it via a secure e-pharmacy that you trust. This way you are sure the drug is safe, and it is made and stored in appropriate conditions.

The potential risks involved.

Not findable offline

It’s not possible to buy your generics offline. You need to have some computer or smartphone skills and buy the drug online. Luckily it’s quite easy, and most of the people operate a smartphone without a problem these days. It also guarantees the modest prices you become accustomed to when buying generics.

Not available on the spot

That goes together with the previous point. You can’t just grab a few pills off the store shelf; you have to order them online and wait till your shipment arrives. That process can take up to three weeks, so you need to be a little patient.

You risk purchasing false pills

It may happen when you buy via the untested and shady websites, that they will send you some false medicine. You could also get a Vardenafil generic that is outdated, or degraded, or not active. There are also companies who just collect your data and send nothing in return. To avoid all of those, be sure you find your trustworthy and solid provider.

How to Buy Vardenafil 20mg Online and Find Those Solid Providers

Vardenafil is used as a term to describe any Levitra alternative that might not have a known or tested producer. You should always be wary choosing to buy Vardenafil, and instead, try finding a Levitra Generic from trusted suppliers. It guarantees a higher quality of production, safety regulations and hygiene, so you know the drug is not degraded, ineffective or unhygienic and simply gross.

The best suppliers will have a few things in common, namely, many years of expertise and the known resources for all of their drugs. Most leaders in the field, like Pharmacy Mall, go as far as providing exclusively the drugs approved by WHO as well as FDA, regardless if they are later sent to the U.S. or other countries with lower restrictions. The requirements of FDA and WHO are the most stringent in the world when it comes to quality which is why you are sure to get strong and safe medicine.

Pharmacy Mall also offers uniquely enticing prices, with $51.71 saved on every blister of ninety tablets.

#Pills in blister Average Vardenafil 20mg Price on the Market
(3 Stars)
Pharmacy Mall Levitra 20mg Price
(5 Stars)
You save!
10 $52.62 $40.26 $12.36 Buy it! Generic Test
20 $73.56 $56.28 $17.28 Buy it!
30 $94.50 $72.30 $22.20 Buy it!
60 $157.32 $120.37 $36.95 Buy it!
90 $220.14 $168.43 $51.71 Buy it! Customer favorite
120 $282.97 $216.50 $66.47 Buy it!
180 $408.61 $312.63 $95.98 Buy it!
270 $597.08 $456.83 $140.25 Buy it! Save on bulk

Everyday Pharmacy Mall offers unparalleled deals so it’s worth checking the site from time to time.

Levitra 20 mg Prices

Levitra 20 mg Prices

Vardenafil 20mg Alternatives

Levitra is so popular that many companies produce its duplicates and other replacements that contain the active substance, Vardenafil. Some of the alternatives may work better, and some worse than Levitra, so it’s best if you check the reviews of the generic Levitra and the provider who offers it.

On average, the 4 and 5-star feedback from patients is a very good sign. It means you are dealing with a genuine supplier who cares about the quality of his generics. You’ll find more information about it on the supplier’s website but also, on the specialized review websites focused on accessing e-pharmacies’ reliability.

Pharmacy Mall tests all their drugs and runs the background checks on all their manufacture’s. They seem to put the utmost care into making lasting relationships with the worldly generics producers, as well as with their patients. They provide quality, caring customer service combined with the most modest prices.

Levitra 20mg Price vs No-name Levitra

Number of pills Generic No-name Vardenafil 20 mg
(1 Star)
Levitra 20mg Price From Pharmacy Mall
(5 Stars)
Savings on Levitra 20mg
10 $48.33 $40.26 $8.07 Buy it! Generic Test
20 $67.56 $56.28 $11.28 Buy it!
30 $86.80 $72.30 $14.50 Buy it!
60 $144.50 $120.37 $24.13 Buy it!
90 $202.20 $168.43 $33.77 Buy it! Customer favorite
120 $259.91 $216.50 $43.41 Buy it!
180 $375.31 $312.63 $62.68 Buy it!
270 $548.42 $456.83 $91.59 Buy it! Save on bulk


It’s not safe to buy generics that use the name Vardenafil. It means they lack their proper name and possibly don’t substitute Levitra efficiently. Levitra generics should come from trusted sources and providers, with necessary FDA approvals and good reputation among the customers.

Pharmacy Mall is a reputable provider with two-decade experience supplying safe, strong and regulated generics worldwide. They also offer incredible discounts that can seduce anyone. Check how much generic Levitra can help you save today!