Revatio 20 mg Buying Guide: Super Affordable Brand Drug for Erectile Dysfunction!

by Edward S. 2017-07-08

Revatio 20 mg is not a generic but a brand drug from a Viagra producer Pfizer, and it is now available online for as low as $0.5 for a pill.

Revatio 20 mg Tablets

Revatio 20 mg Tablets

Pfizer’s Viagra can cost up to $50 per pill, so we are amazed that the company released a first really affordable medicine for Erectile Dysfunction and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. It could be a real breakthrough for patients suffering from ED and not being able to afford Viagra long-term.

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Buying online does come with risks and even a brand-drug like Revatio, which is not a generic, can be counterfeit. That’s why we suggest to always check your online sources and find an e-pharmacy you can really rely on. is an established online pharmacy that cooperates only with the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers. All the meds provided by have appropriate World Health Organisation certificates and are both safe and efficient.

Revatio 20 mg Risks and Rewards

With every online purchase, there are always risks but also many rewards.

Let’s go through some definite rewards that await you if you buy Revatio 20 mg online.

It’s produced by the maker of Viagra

Revatio 20 mg is a brand drug, not a generic, and it is produced by Pfizer, the creator of Viagra. It has been branded as a ‘new’ drug for PAH, but it is also a great and inexpensive alternative to Viagra, for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

It has an effect of Viagra

In fact, it seems Revatio is a little Viagra rebranded and resold by Pfizer. It contains the same substance as Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate, and it has the same activity. The dose 20 mg is a recommended amount for Pulmonary Hypertension treatment, and you can take between 1 and 5 pills to tackle ED. Given the low price of Revatio 20 mg, it is a still an incredible value solution.

It’s a massive value for money

One pill of Revatio can cost as little as $0.5. offers some incredible discounts on the online purchases that let you save $134.25 on a 20-pill pack and up to $559.20 when you buy larger quantities. Compared with the standard brand Viagra, Revatio is a fantastic brand alternative.

Brand Viagra 20 mg vs Generic Viagra 25mg

Number of Pills Average Market Price Brand Viagra 20 mg
(3* Rating)
Generic Viagra 25mg from
(5* Rating)
You Save!
30 $83.24 $20.81 $62.43 Buy now! Smart trial!
60 $143.44 $35.86 $107.58 Buy now!
90 $203.68 $50.92 $152.76 Buy now! Popular choice
120 $263.88 $65.97 $197.91 Buy now!
180 $384.32 $96.08 $288.24 Buy now!
270 $564.96 $141.24 $423.72 Buy now!
360 $745.60 $186.40 $559.20 Buy now! Order in bulk

It’s safe and high-quality

Revatio is not a generic, but a brand drug made by Pfizer. The quality equals that of a brand Viagra, but the price is 100 times less if you buy it at

Risksof buying your meds online may be obvious.

Some pharmacies sell counterfeit meds

You can run into unreliable suppliers or manufacturers that sell falsified drugs. It will look like Revatio but might not have the effectiveness you are accustomed to. The solution is to find the e-pharmacy you can rely on for the best and high-quality meds, like at

You have to order in advance

Await time for all online purchases is anywhere between 1-4 weeks. You should find a pharmacy that delivers quickly and reliably. You can also order your Revatio 20 mg in bulk, to not run out of medicine you require. You wouldn’t want to miss a dose if you are undergoing a long-term treatment of PAH or ED.

Standard drugs-store might need a prescription

Many drug stores will require you to deliver a prescription to receive Revatio and the retail price will never be as low as the online price of the drug.

How to buy Revatio 20 mg Online and How to Choose a Trustworthy e-Pharmacy

There are risks to buying online, but the solution is easy. Find a reliable vendor. Maybe it’s easier said than done, but you can google your e-pharmacy reviews, check their website and test if they deliver a drug you wanted quickly and efficiently. There are many good pharmacies that really care about their customer’s health and satisfaction. is one of those top-ranked e-pharmacies that really care about patient’s health and their wallet. They thoroughly vet all their product suppliers and manufacturers to be sure you really receive the best drugs for the lowest of prices.

Revatio 20mg Price Comparison Chart

Number of Pills Average Market Revatio 20mg Price
(3* Rating) Viagra 25mg Price
(5* Rating)
You Save!
30 $31.22 $20.81 $10.41 Buy now!
60 $53.79 $35.86 $17.93 Buy now! Popular choice
90 $76.38 $50.92 $25.46 Buy now!
120 $98.96 $65.97 $32.99 Buy now!
180 $144.12 $96.08 $48.04 Buy now! Bulk order
270 $211.86 $141.24 $70.62 Buy now!
360 $279.60 $186.40 $93.20 Buy now!

Apart from providing some astonishing discounts and saving you a lot of money, take pride in their friendly and helpful customer service who can answer all your questions in a polite and comprehensive way.

Viagra 25mg Prices

Viagra 25mg Prices

Revatio 20 mg Alternatives

Revatio 20 is a brand drug created by the producer of Viagra. It also contains the exact same active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate. The only real difference being that the ‘new’ Revatio is branded preferentially for Pulmonary Hypertension rather than ED while in fact it works exactly the same as Viagra but costs 100 times less.

You can, of course, find other Viagra generics that will contain Sildenafil Citrate. But Revatio 20 mg has some incredible advantages, one being an exceptionally low cost (as little as 0.5$ at the and a high-quality provided by Pfizer.

It’s rare to see a brand drug that can compete in cost with the cheaper Viagra substitutes.

Of course, when buying Revatio or Viagra generics online, you should always check the manufacturers and suppliers. Here the manufacturer is a huge pharmaceutical corporation known worldwide, Pfizer, so the production quality is top-notch. But you should also check that the supplier is a solid e-pharmacy that sells genuine drugs.

Revatio 20 mg is a super affordable, high-quality option for people with ED and PAH. At, you can buy 30 pills of Revatio 20 mg for as little as $20.81, which is cheaper than most Viagra generics available on the market.

Viagra 25mg Price vs Generic Viagra Price

Number of Pills Generic Unknown Viagra 20 mg
(1* Rating)
Viagra 25mg Price From
(5* Rating)
You Save on Revatio 20mg
30 $24.97 $20.81 $4.16 Buy now! Smart trial!
60 $43.03 $35.86 $7.17 Buy now!
90 $61.10 $50.92 $10.18 Buy now! Popular choice
120 $79.16 $65.97 $13.19 Buy now!
180 $115.30 $96.08 $19.22 Buy now!
270 $169.49 $141.24 $28.25 Buy now! Bulk order
360 $223.68 $186.40 $37.28 Buy now!


Revatio 20 mg seems Pfizer’s answer to the huge market for Viagra generics. It is a brand medicine for PAH and ED that has the Viagra active ingredient and the same activity and quality, but it is sold for 50-100 times less. Finally, patients with ED and PAH have a cheaper brand alternative to Viagra. is a reliable and caring e-pharmacy that provides you with Revatio 20 mg for less than you buy your Viagra generics. This brand drug alternative to Viagra can now save you hundreds of dollars while providing the highest quality and efficiency, guaranteed by a global pharmaceutical corporation – Pfizer.

The team at always goes out of their way to provide the top quality for the lowest prices. Check out their limited offer and save up to $708.20 today!