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Procomil Spray Reviews – How to Use?

by Kim Lee 2016-10-26

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to last longer in bed and pleasing your partner. You are not the only one. Many men wish for the same thing. You might be suffering from premature ejaculation or you just wish to have a longer sexual experience, but you are not sure which product is safe to use, and which product shows the best results. Luckily, we live in a world where information is easy to access. Read some of the reviews online and make a comparison.

You can find all sorts of products on the market, but sometimes it can be difficult to weed out the good products from those which are completely useless. You do not want to waste money on products that do not work. That’s why it is always essential to do your homework first, in order to make a good purchase. If you find yourself in a situation where herbal remedies do not help, it is time to seek help from a doctor. Of course, if you are taking some herbal remedies, you should mention that to your doctor. Do not withhold any information from him.

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Procomil Spray is a herbal remedy, and its primary goal is to help you to last longer in the bedroom. It works by desensitizing the penis in a way that makes it easier for men to last longer in bed.

This particular product is an efficient enhancement spray intended for men who have a need to prolong their experience during sex. You might be suffering from premature ejaculation, or you just wish to provide your partner a longer duration of enjoyment during sexual activity. In order to do so, a few sprays of this product on the penis will make it less sensitive, and both you, and you and your partner will enjoy sex longer.

This spray is made by a company in Germany. The name of that company is Walter Ritter Pharmaceutica.

They identify this product as one of their own, but they do not provide detailed information about the product.

There are no testimonials, ingredient information or clinical tests. The product is sold by many independent retailers. Their website lacks information a bit, and it is not easy to gather all information in order to assess the product.

The only ingredient mentioned is lidocaine. When talking about lidocaine, it is important to remember that lidocaine is a very powerful analgesic which prevents impulses of an electrical nature from being passed along to the brain, and you are left with a numb sensation. That numb sensation makes you less able to feel stimulation, and because you feel less friction in your penis, you will definitely be able to enjoy yourself longer before reaching climax.

Procomil Spray Reviews

There aren’t many reviews of Procomil Spray; however, the ones that were found are mixed — mostly on the negative side.

Procomil receives 1 star out of 5 on amazon. The customer states that the product did not deliver as expected.Procomil Spray Reviews

Procomil Spray Review

This other user states that after using for some time, the product is not 100% reliable.Procomil Spray Reviews

Buy Procomil Spray Online

There are many independent retailers who sells this product. The average price is around $8. The bottle contains 15 ml of spray. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Procomil Spray Reviews

Procomil Spray

How to Use Procomil Spray

The best way to apply this spray is to spray two or three sprays directly to the penis. Once you have done that you should wash your hands right away, so they would not go numb too. Information about how well the spray works in the combination with condoms is unknown. But, as we are well aware of the fact that there is no known sides effects or interference between latex and lidocaine, that should not represent an issue.

Procomil Spray Side Effects

When applied properly, the spray has no known side effects; however, before you apply it, make sure to consult your doctor. You can apply it three times at the same time, but no more than that. If you are suffering from some medical conditions, do not use the spray before seeing your doctor first. That is highly important, and you should not take it lightly.

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Overall Score
Herbal supplements such as this one can be very helpful with premature ejaculation. Procomil Spray is of an herbal nature and the fact that is made in Germany, makes it superior over many brands, particularly those from china. The big drawback for Procomil Spray is the lack of positive reviews. The few that were found were very negative – customers found it ineffective. One other thing worth mentioning is the ingredient list. Some products have a long list of ingredients (unlike this one), and it is crucial to check them all well and find out as much as you can about every single major ingredient. Looking at the broad picture, a product can only be fairly judged based on user experience. As such, Procomil Spray receives an overall rating of 2 stars out of 5.
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  • kingankro

    i used this spray recently. i don’t any other spray before this and this spray is more than enough to stay long in bed. But you must apply very less quantity. Even if you press the spray like say half way down and whatever liquid comes on your penis spread it fully that is more than enough. This product is very good anesthesia and it numbs penis very effectively. One thing to be clear it doesn’t give you sexual strength it is only numbing spray that means whenever you are going to use it. You need to be more crazy and internally sexually arouse as if you apply this spray even if you press the button 2 times you are out as it numbs very fastly so just press button half way down slowly whatever medicine comes out just spread it with fingers and leave for 15 mins within 15 mins it numbs you. From now give more 30 mins break and once total 45 mins gone clean penis with a cloth which is merely wet to avoid the medicine to be spread in your vagina of your partner. it absorbs quickly but still better to clean with very merely wet cloth . don’t was with soap or shampoo just use very very merely wet cloth just to remove remains of the medicine from penis and be mentally crazy because of the numbing effect and if you are always thinking about the spray you are not going to get hard as penis are in numb status. so apply very very little. leave it for 45 mins. than clean with very merely wet cloth (just like casually shaking cloth on penis). and just become crazy about sex which will help you get hard and try to be as much as involve in sexual pleasure as the numbing effect can bring you down any time. apply less… give some time to take effect.. be crazy…. be sexual and enjoy the result…. i done all kind of experiment on myself by applying this spray and masturbating. by applying and using with my partner. it works but you just need to give it a time to understand how much quantity required for you to get numb and still to be hard…….

  • tag

    is it Available in Sudan ? if yes in what address please help me as soon as posible

  • Hassan

    Hi there how are you?
    I wanted to order 40 number of Procmil Spray fro man 15 Ml, i wanted to know
    1- what is the EXP Date
    2- Where is your location .

  • ailida

    This product is very nice

  • Jovenal

    procomil spray oral use or with comdom?

  • Lourenço

    I bought any one but in which it is a procomil drugs it isnt pray. Will be wrong to use that medicine?