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Magnum Blood-Flow Pills Reviews: Does It Work?

by Kim Lee 2016-10-26

The first ingredient – and in many ways the most important — is L-citrulline. This is included in Magnum Blood-Flow because it increases blood flow. It is a naturally-occurring amino acid that makes an erection happen quicker and once it happens, the erection – thanks to the increase of blood flow – will be harder. It is the ingredient that gives Magnum Blood-Flow its namesake; for what business would a product whose title includes Blood-Flow have if it did not contain an ingredient that increases blood flow? The simple scientific explanation of how L-citrulline works is that it makes nitric oxide (no, not the additive they put in fast-performing cars) and it is this nitric oxide that actually widens the blood veins, making the passage of the blood flow quicker.

One of the most basic components of Magnum Blood-Flow (full name: Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance, for those interested) is microcrystalline cellulose. Microcrystalline cellulose is used in vitamins and supplements for its three-dimensional bonding properties. Made from natural wood pulp, this emulsifier is easily digestible and actually boosts the effectiveness of all the other ingredients in Magnum Blood-Flow. As you can see, microcrystalline cellulose is not just the glue that holds the tablet together; it actually takes the ingredients in the tablet and puts them on (natural) steroids.

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The most potent ingredient in Magnum Blood-Flow is stearic acid. It is a natural saturated fatty acid that boosts sex drive and increases the production of natural testosterone in the body. It’s important to note that stearic acid does not include any actual testosterone (or “T” as the current pharmaceutical fad has begun to call it), but merely promotes production of the natural-occurring testosterone that’s already produced within the body. Stearic acid is also the most common saturated fatty acid found in nature.

When you talk about an ingredient being organic, you can’t get more organic than the most commonly found saturated fatty acid in the natural world.

Saving the best for last, perhaps the most invaluable ingredient in Magnum Blood-Flow’s mixture is epimedium, also known as “horny goat weed.” It has numerous uses that apply to a male’s sexual performance. This list includes – but is not limited to – fatigue, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, high blood pressure (which can cause anxiety, which in turn can cause poor performance during a lovemaking session), and all around male sexual problems. It also contains other natural ingredients listed above.

Manufacturer Reviews

The website for Applied Nutrition is well designed, easy to navigate, and offers its variety of products in a clear way. When shopping for a specific product, Applied Nutrition supplies each product with a list of ingredients and dosage directions.

Its listed product line – which can be found in a convenient drop-down menu – includes sexual improvement products not only for men, but also for women, as well as colon cleansing products, diet products, and sleep aids. The website also includes free tips on diet, exercise, and weight loss.

Applied Nutrition seems on the surface to be reputed company, with high marks given for the professionalism displayed in the official website.

Magnum Blood-Flow Reviews

The reviews of unbiased customers tend towards the extremes of the spectrum: people either love it or hate, without much middle ground. Below are reviews from two sites. The first batch is from and the second batch is from

Magnum Blood-Flow Reviews
Above are the customer reviews from Amazon.
Magnum Blood-Flow Reviews
Customer reviews above are from Walgreens site.

Buy Magnum Blood-Flow Online

In the US, Magnum Blood-Flow is exceedingly easy to purchase. Many pharmacies carry the product, including Walgreens and CVS. It can also be purchased online through, though shipment is restricted to the US. The official website for Applied Nutrition restricts its shipments to the US, as well. Prices fluctuate, as well, depending on which website you choose to purchase from. The product’s official website sells a bottle of 40 tablets for $24.99 plus shipping and handling. offers the same amount of tablets for $19.99. Amazon’s website, however, offers the best deal, selling a bottle of 40 tablets for $16.39.

Magnum Blood-flow Pills Reviews

After much research, it does not appear that Magnum Blood-Flow is available for direct purchase in any country besides the US. It is therefore suggested for interested consumers that live elsewhere that they first have Magnum Blood-Flow shipped to friends or family in the US and then have them ship the product directly to you.

How to Use

Magnum Blood-flow Pills

Magnum Blood-flow Pills

It is recommended that an adult male should take 2 tablets per day for continuous sexual benefit. If a more immediate situation should present itself, the male should 4 tablets one hour prior to intercourse. Consuming 4 tablets in one sitting, however, can entail many negative aspects. For some people, 4 pills of any kind can put a strain on their stomachs and digestive tract. It also becomes expensive if a male needs to take 4 tablets each time he makes love. Each bottle contains forty tablets, giving the male a maximum of ten lovemaking sessions per bottle. Added up over time, this amount can grow very high very quickly. It can be a dangerous road to travel down. Sex is not unlike a drug; once you experience the full effects Applied Nutrition contends Magnum Blood-Flow contains, the desire to buy more bottles can spiral out of control. Caution, restraint, and adult restraint should be used. But in the end, the users are all adults and the decision is ultimately left to them.

Side Effects

Since all the ingredients are natural and organic, there should be no side effects. However, according to a small number of reviews, some males experience mild stomach aches. This could be due to an adverse reaction to one or more of the ingredients contained in Magnum Blood-Flow or the aforementioned digestive problems with pills, but no conclusive research has been done. Whether these stomach aches are the result of an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients or a simple case of pill-caused discomfort is uncertain.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
After a careful review of all reviews - not just the ones included above - there appears to be much more negative reviews than positive reviews. A product can only be fairly judged based on customer experience, and in this case, the reviews are not so good. Despite that, the manufacturer is well reviewed and has a lot of information about them online - Applied Nutrition seems to be reputed company. All ingredients are clearly listed as well. Magnum Blood-Flow receives a score of 2 stars out of 5.
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