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Maca Root, L-Arginine

Longjax MHT with Arginine Reviews – Bodybuilding Supplement with Side Effects that Supposedly Treats Erectile Dysfunction

by Kim Lee 2016-10-26

Longjax MHT with Arginine is an organic supplement that targets male hormones and boosts them to a level that is necessary for virility, sexual appetite and sexual performance. This product includes an amino acid, Arginine, which offers its own benefits to reducing impotence.

Arginine is an amino acid that is essential to the creation of nitric acid in the body. It is nonessential meaning that the body produces Arginine on its own. However, this could prove to be where an imbalance could lead to erectile dysfunction. The benefit of having a sufficient amount of Arginine in the body is that once it creates and activates the nitric acid in the body, the tone and flexibility of blood vessels in the body is improved. The nitric acid achieves this by lower the blood pressure. Lower pressure leads to better blood flow and as a result, fuller and stiffer erections. Arginine is also one of 3 main ingredients the body needs to create Creatine. Creatine stores energy to the muscles and also, plays an important role in creating muscle mass and strength. Translate that to supporting sexual health, Creatine helps create stronger, harder erections. Arginine may be just a small amino acid, but its advantages to men’s sexual health are safe, natural, and effective.

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Maca is a bulb plant and actually belongs to the same vegetable family as broccoli and kale. It is indigenous to the highland of Peru and it has been used for centuries to aid in increasing sexual function in this region and many others. One study indicated that a supplement of 3,000 mg of Maca Root daily helped to increase sexual success. In addition to improving symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it also increases libido, enhances the integrity of the sperm produced, and enhances the overall organ function.

Maca provides protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and iodine. But, the real power in the two substances found in it: macamides and macaenes. These two substances have been found to be instrumental in increasing stamina and libido. This herb comes in a couple different colors and red Maca has been shown to reduce prostate size and could improve sexual function and virility as a result. What is also interesting about it is that it doesn’t appear to affect hormone levels in men using it as a supplement. Despite the studies, there was no difference in the hormones of men who used Maca and men who used a placebo.

So, Maca Root doesn’t interfere with overlapping supplements and ingredients making it a safe, natural, and organic first choice.

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that has by utilized by India and China for ages. The leaves are known to be the primary holder of the active ingredients that give it its effectiveness. Countries such as Russia and Bulgaria have claimed that their studies show that this herb to increase testosterone by increasing essential hormones. But a recent study found no such thing. In fact, men taking the Tribulus Terrestris supplement did not show any more increases in testosterone than the placebo group of men.

Other information about this herb includes that Tribulus Terrestris is not for pregnant or nursing women. And considering that the herb is primarily used for increasing the testosterone, people with conditions related to hormones should consult their primary care provider before using this herb as a supplement.

Horny Goat Weed, like Tribulus Terrestris, is another herbal supplement that is rather mysterious. Chinese medicine has relied, for centuries, upon Horny Goat Weed to rejuvenate sexual drive and diminish symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

With an erection, sexual stimulus will cause nitric oxide to release a chemical to relax muscles and allow blood to flow to the penis. With erectile dysfunction, an erection cannot be achieved the nitric oxide is being blocked by an enzyme called protein phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5 for short). Horny Goat Weed combats the effects of PDE5, allowing the nitric oxide to trigger the muscle-relaxing chemical that achieves the erection.

Tongkat Ali aids in supporting healthy sexual function by increasing the amount of testosterone in the body. In males, the amount of testosterone in the body diminishes as they age. Tongkat combats this by signaling a chain reaction. This ingredient releases luteinizing hormone which releases testosterone. It also decreases the amount of free estrogen roaming about in the body. Estrogen plays a role in rendering testosterone ineffective. Too much estrogen in males can lead to estrogen blocking receptor sites. Then, when testosterone is released, it is not received at the receptor sites. Tongkat Ali reduces the amount of free estrogen in the body while boosting the testosterone, giving men back their sexual drive and improving sexual function.

Manufacturer Reviews

Longjax MHT with Arginine is manufactured by a company called Bodytech. Unfortunately, not much more than that can be found about the manufacturers, nor does this company have an official website. There are no forums from the manufacturer or any other information other than the manufacturing name, Bodytech.

Longjax MHT with Arginine Reviews

There are many customer reviews online, however, the majority are pretty negative. Customers who have tried Longjax MHT with Arginine and are genuinely displeased with the results they are experiencing.

Below are two Amazon reviews. The first customer stated that he did not notice any change in bodily reactions and the product was a total waste of money. The other guy was also quite disappointed. He states that he didn’t receive any improvement in energy and he got no reaction from it.Longjax MHT with Arginine Reviews

Buy Longjax MHT with Arginine Online

You can purchase Longjax MHT with Arginine easily online in a number of retail pharmacies. The costs start at $24.

Longjax MHT with Arginine

How to Use

The recommended usage states to take 2 daily or before sexual activity.

Side Effects

Unknown side effects of Longjax MHT with Arginine have been noted to date.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
Out of a 5 point rating, Longjax MHT with Arginine is ranked a 2. The fact that there is very little information about the manufacturers does not lend credibility this supplement or its quality. And, a few reviewers have expressed frustration at not seeing desired results. Longjax MHT with Arginine has also been rumored to be able to aid in weight loss. However, the available information suggests that this supplement was designed to support men's sexual health. And no information supports the claim of weight loss. On the upside, the ingredients are organic and many other reviewers report success in their sexual function after using this product. Longjax MHT with Arginine is natural, affordable and easily accessible online.
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