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Libido Max for Women Reviews – A Relatively Safe and Effective Product

by Kim Lee 2014-12-09

As stated in the DSM-5 (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders –IV), female sexual interest/ arousal disorder is a condition listed under sexual dysfunctions. This condition is when a female has a below normal or lack of interest in sexual activity and they have a limited amount of excitement during sexual activity. A woman with this condition will rarely ever initiate sexual activity. Men are not the only ones to often have a little trouble in the bedroom, and although women are less open about sexual desires, there are still various supplements and treatments that help to provide a woman with just the boost that she needs to fully enjoy a sexual interaction with her partner.

The ingredients of Libido Max for women are the perfect fit to help a woman get all of the feelings that she would like to experience in the bedroom. One of the main effects that libido max has is the warm and calming feeling that takes over. It sounds almost euphoric in a way. Or, depending on the person it could sound and feel a little bit alarming. Libido Max for women has a very short list of natural ingredients.

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It is not fill with a bunch of extra foreign and lesser known ingredients, like most of the common and uncommon male enhancement drugs and supplements.

Epimedium, which has many different names, is an aphrodisiac that is commonly recognized as one of the main active ingredients listed in the popular male enhancement drug, Viagra. In most countries Epimedium has been known to be able to raise the male and female sex drive. Epimedium can also be called by other names, depending on where one is in the world. Its many other names include; barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, rowdy lamb herb, randy beef grass, yin yang huo, or in this particular case, Horny Goat weed. Across the board, Horny Goat weed is by far the most commonly used name for Epimedium.

The next ingredient is called Maca Root. Maca Root extract is a Peruvian aphrodisiac that can be found in the Andean region of Peru. Many studies have been done to provide legitimate proof that Maca Root has the ability to raise the male or female sex drive. The Maca Root is native to Peru, more specifically in the Andean region of Peru. Many scientific studies have been performed and produced supporting the claims about the various useful functions of The Maca Root extract. Out of the four phases of sexual activity, Maca Root extract works in the desire phase. It improves desire, and make the user more aroused and more likely to enjoy sex more.

Tribulus Terrestris, also known as puncture vine because the spines are so sharp they can flatten bicycle tires, is a plant that has a ton of medicinal uses. Tribulus Terrestris can help combat against many ailments and symptoms like, kidney problems, painful urination, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even nose tumors.

Manufacturer Reviews

Applied Nutrition is a manufacturing company out of California. They specialized in products for male and female enhancement and several other types of supplements. There are not any reviews on the company as a whole – only for its individual products.

Libido Max Reviews

Just like most products, Libido Max for women has a mixed set of customer reviews. However, the good reviews out weight the negative reviews. On Amazon, only one person gave Libido Max for women one star. There were eleven positive five star reviews.

Libido Max Reviews
The positive review talked about how aroused it made them feel and about intensely they felt while engaging in sexual intercourse.
Libido Max Reviews
The negative response said that Libido max did not work for her, but the manufacturer gave a complete refund, free.

Buy Libido Max For Women Online

Libido Max for women is no longer being sold on Amazon, it is currently unavailable for purchase and Amazon does not know when or if the product will return. However all is not lost. Libido Max can be found for a surprisingly low price at Wal-Mart sells a bottle of forty gel capsules for the low price of $14.99. Libido Max is a very cheap and affordable product. Libido Max can also be found online at Applied Nutrition. A bottle of forty gel capsules on this site comes to a total of $24.99

Libido Max Reviews

How to Use

Libido Max for Women

Libido-Max for Women

In order to receive the full benefits of Libido Max for women, it should be divided up into one to four gel capsules a day. Or, for a more instant result it can be taken an hour before engaging in sexual activity. It is very important to only take the recommended dose. High doses of this product can lead to a rapid heart-beat, restlessness, and other sleep problems like insomnia.

Side Effects

The website claims that Libido Max is side effect free but, this is not entirely true. Libido Max for women contains caffeine, which can produce side effects by itself. The other ingredients each have their own possible side effects. The most likely side effects to occur are restlessness, headache, and possibly an upset stomach. If too much is taken, side effects include, a fast heart-beat, restlessness, and other problems related to sleep.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
Unlike other male and female enhancement products, Libido Max for women is very inexpensive and easily accessible. The main drawback is the possible side effects. There is definitely a high possibility that at least one side effect will occur. Libido Max for women sounds like a relatively safe and effective product. It has its fair share of flaws but overall it is not the worst enhancement product on the market. Libido Max for women get a rating of 3.5 stars out of five.
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