Himcolin Gel 30g from Himalaya Reviews – How to Use?

by Kim Lee 2016-10-26

Himcolin Gel was created as an alternative to ingested erectile dysfunction medications, and was formed as a topical gel to use before intercourse. The main ingredients are based on a powerful herbal formula that is meant to give you are firmer, longer lasting erection, and to prevent premature ejaculation, while increasing sensation.

The herbal formula was created to boost blood flow to the penis, and to excite the nerves to slow the ejaculation process, while still providing good sensation. The combination of these medications gives the body a better balance when it comes to intercourse and increases satisfaction.

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The company that created Himcolin Gel is Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd. They are an India based company that carries 4.1 out of 5 stars from justdial.com, a website that allows employees to review the company they work for. The company conducts extensive testing on all the medications that it releases and it has a great history of creating good quality products according to their employees. This is good to know, because we want our medication to come from good sources, and to be of a good quality. It can be difficult to find good quality without a good company backing the production of a product.

Himcolin Gel Reviews

Himcolin Gel does have some reviews. This medication is one of only a few topical remedies for erectile dysfunction, and as such it has more information available than your standard treatment options.

Himcolin Gel Reviews
Himcolin Gel does have some reviews. This medication is one of only a few topical remedies for erectile dysfunction, and as such it has more information available than your standard treatment options.
Another reviewer mentioned his experience using the product. After a few hours of applying the gel, he had a rock-solid erection — so hard that he finally had to masturbate.Himcolin Gel review

Buy Himcolin Gel Online

Himcolin Gel is for sale from many retailers. This medication is easy to obtain, and sold relatively cheaply. It is important to remember; because it is a topical solution it does not give you a set dose, as each person will use it differently.

How to Use

Himcolin Gel

Himcolin Gel

Himcolin Gel is to be applied to the penis directly to increase blood flow and sensation, while dulling the effects of premature ejaculation. It should be applied 15 minutes before intercourse. To ensure best results, apply a thin layer of the gel to the top and bottom of the shaft, but do not apply to the glands below the penis. This will ensure slowed ejaculation, and a firmer erection.

Because of unintended reactions to the gel, it is recommended that you were a condom during intercourse to that vaginal canal does not become irritated by the Himcolin Gel.

Side Effects

Himcolin Gel is not known to have any sort of side effects. This is due the herbal nature of the medication. The medication is made up of a fully natural herbal formula that is created specifically to not have any side effects. This of course does not mean that there are no side effects possible. If you experience any side effects please discontinue use and consult with a health care specialist to ensure that you do not endanger your health.

According to customer reviews, Himcolin Gel has a side effect in that it raises blood pressure. Now this may be considered normal, but if you have any severe reactions, or are on blood pressure medication, check with your doctor before starting Himcolin Gel. You do not want to endanger your health. Unknown side effects can sometimes occur – keep this in mind when using a new medication.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
Himcolin Gel comes from a reasonably well known pharmaceutical manufacturer and as such we know that the product is intended to be of good quality. We also know that the price is somewhat lower when compared to other treatment options, which may make this an attractive alternative; however because of the topical nature of this medication, each person will use it differently. We also know from customer reviews that this medication has been very successful for some individuals. Topical creams can have a wide range of success and failure just because of how people use them normally. Another bonus to using Himcolin Gel is that it is topical, which means no worrying about dosages, or how many to take. The only drawback is that you may need to wear a condom during sexual activity. This is to be expected however when using a gel. This is not a bad thing as it allows you to get the full effect of the gel wrapped in an enclosure. It has pros and cons to using the medication and in the end it will be up to each individual on how they use it and whether they get the desired outcome. Remember that it is important to know what you are buying before you purchase it, and do your homework.
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  • John

    I have used Himcolin Gel.
    It works…. but the right way to use it is as given below.
    Apply a good quntity and rub gently. Then keep your Penis and pubic open for about 2-hrs. Do it for 7-15 days. You will see a major difference.

  • Musabbir mosob

    I like it and I like to buy a package

  • arun kumar

    how much the gel quantity of use for intercourse and time to res

  • Giri

    Pls rply
    Am a diabetes patient.
    Erection problem is there,
    I need a hard ND strong penis.
    Can I use this?
    How I HV to use.

    • Darshan Lal Bansal

      Not works

  • Nwe use himcolin gel and im comings doha qtar please tell me himcolin don’t take doha qtar ya take mi himcolin doha qtar please please

  • Sanjay

    Can we take Himalaya confido and himcolin together

  • Ahmed Shakil


  • Ahmed Shakil

    What is the need to do sex by condom?