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Erexin Spray Reviews: Negative Reviews, Hefty Price, and Awful Side Effects

by Kim Lee 2016-10-26

Erectile dysfunction is one disorder that no man wants to be affected with. This disorder has the potential to tarnish a man’s sex life. In fact, the sex lives of many men have become completely obsolete all thanks to this undesirable physical condition. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to receive and provide sexual gratification. The disorder has the potential to suck the life out of relationships and drain the sexual prowess of a man. Robbed of his libido, a man slips into a state of frustration and disappointment and loses touch with his sexuality.

Thankfully, there are solutions out there for this problem. The advancement of medicine has helped men overcome the terrible disorder of erectile dysfunction in quite a few ways. Most people resort to Viagra or natural male enhancement supplements to revive their lost sexual energy. Others may have to seek surgery or use male enhancement devices. These are the more common methods of treating erectile dysfunction.

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Innovation and invention in medicine never seems to seize. This constant cycle of innovation has led to the creation of a relatively new solution for erectile dysfunction. We are all more or less familiar with the “magic spray” that is applied on players and athletes as a painkiller when they are injured. Bio Medica has taken magic sprays to a new level by providing men with the option to heal their erectile dysfunction with a spray instead of a tablet, capsule or syrup. The name of this so called magic spray is the Erexin spray.

Unlike tablets and capsules, the Erexin spray, was made to serve the purpose of providing you with rapid erections immediately after being applied on your penis.

If you’re uncomfortable in ingesting a pill or tablet and have concerns about their safety then you may want to give Erexin spray a try.

The manufacturers promise you a swift erection whenever you want, wherever you want.

So how exactly does a spray cause an erection? Well according to the official website of this product, the spray contains stimulating agents can percolate through the skin and directly come into contact with the cavernous tissues of your penis. This causes the cavernous tissues to trigger an erection. Since the stimulants aren’t passing through your digestive system, like they do when you ingest tablets or capsules, the erection results in the least amount of time possible. The manufacturers assure you of a vigorous and strong erection every time you spray the product on your penis. In addition to that, the users should be able to control their ejaculations as a result of using this product.

Ingredients of Erexin Spray

To have a clear understanding of how a spray can stimulate powerful and energetic erections, let us take a glance at the constituent elements of this spray.

1) Dry Extract of Gingko Biloba Leaf

The Gingko Biloba leaf can greatly contribute to a man’s sexual responsiveness. As you may know, sexual responsiveness varies on the basis of the amount of blood that is supplied to the penis. The greater the blood flow is, the stronger the sexual arousal turns out to be. Being a circulation enhancer, the Gingko Biloba leaf is known to heal impotence in mail. For many, it is a safe and natural alternative to Viagra.

2) Dry Root Extract of Ginseng

Ginseng has been used in China as an aphrodisiac for centuries. However, its significance in enhancing male libido was only confirmed after recent studies showed that ginseng is indeed a great tool to spice up a man’s love life. It specifically improves the performance of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This pretty much justifies its presence in the Erexin spray.

3) Muira Puama Bark

For those of you who aren’t aware, Muira Puama has been nicknamed as the “Viagra of the Amazon”. That name pretty much explains its origins. Its function is similar to that of the Yohimbe but it has considerably less side effects. It works as a natural remedy for impotence and absence of sexual energy. The Muira Puama increases blood flow towards the pelvic region. This elevated blood flow facilitates stronger erections and ejaculations.

Erexin Spray Reviews

Although the Erexin spray appears to be a very innovative and revolutionary product, it hasn’t quite amassed the popularity or attention that you would expect it to have. This can be said because there aren’t a lot of user reviews of Erexin spray on the internet.

There are however a few testimonials on the website, but we didn’t use them as they appeared fake (made up). A few others were found on an external review site: Take a look below to read more about the experience of users.

Erexin Spray reviewThis customer was quite dissatisfied with his purchase. He stated that it was a complete waste of time — he sprayed 3 times but got thing, not even a twitch. He also complained of the smell, which was awful.
These are two other reviews, also from dissatisfied customers. The first shows where the customer had a very painful burning sensation after using Erexin spray. The other review from Brian Roberts states that the product is useless and the company is falsely advertising.Erexin Spray review

How to Buy Erexin Spray Online

Erexin spray can be directly bought through a link posted on its official website. Clink on the “Buy Now” button on website and you will be redirected, where you can avail the product at a starting price of £ 29.98. Although there are other websites that do sell this product, it’s preferable for the customers in UK to use the official website.

How to Use Erexin Spray

Using Erexin spray is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is shake up the bottle and spray it on your penis just before engaging in sexual intercourse. It should be sprayed directly and not on top of any clothing.

Side Effects of Erexin Spray

Erexin Spray does not have any direct side effects. With that being said, if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients used in the product then you may suffer from minor skin irritations.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
The concept of a spray stimulating an erection does sound quite fascinating. However, the negative reviews and details about the manufacturers can cause most people to be slightly sceptical about the functionality of this product. The smell of the product is also something alarming as it cannot be easily disguised. Based on the few customer reviews on hand (which aren't good) and the high price of the product, Erexin Spray earns itself 2 stars out of 5 in our ratings.
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  • Rania

    Please can I get more info about topical use of ginko biloba in particular for erectile dysfunction or is there any studys about its topical use for this purpose?
    kind regards

  • cook

    Hi me and my partner tied this product tonight with no success very dissapointed all he experienced was a stinging where he sprayed on his penis And scrotum has anyone else had this problem

  • Habeeb

    Dear sir,
    Erexin spray is available in U A E
    Thanks &Regardd

  • M Ward

    This product is appalling – I ordered 2 sprays, 1 does not spray and the other spray is intermittent and burns the skin. When I asked for a refund and a pre paid postal package – this was refused – how do I know the refund would be made if I paid for the package and post? I am abroad now and will not be back for 8 months – I hope no one else is conned by this product.

  • G. Lowen

    can erexin be used if one has Peyronies disease?

  • Steve

    Well I took one for the team and purchased the Erexin spray. What a complete and utter waste of time.

    Following the instructions from the website I sprayed it three times but absolutely nothing, not even a twitch.

    Furthermore, this product smells awful. Its not something you can disguise so dont even begin to think you will be interesting to anyone once you have doused yourself in this spray. such a terrible turn off.

    Although the product arrived from Holland, I have just been given the return address in Luton. Lets just hope the refund is quicker than the erection.

  • mashiur

    [email protected]
    I would like to buy Erexin spray where I shall buy it in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Prakash

    I am from India where can I get it here or how to proccur the same online