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Black Ant Pills Strong Version Reviews – Male Enhancement Pills With Rare Ingredients

by Kim Lee 2016-07-21

Male impotence is caused by quite a few disorders in men. There are a number of causes, like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, weak or low sperm, and many other factors leading to sexual disorders. These factors affect individual’s abilities to interact socially, especially with females. Moreover, those having this problem also feel ashamed and disrespectful in front of their partners in bed.

While medical science has progressed far enough to invent different medications to treat these disorders, the results are not as satisfactory as expected,

because a good impact on one health issue becomes the cause of another issue. Still today, generic medication and techniques hold more value than modern allopathic medications because of a bigger span and their natural properties.

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Black Ant Pills Strong Version is one of these medications, manufactured with the help of old and new methods. The medication contains Polyrahchis ant extracts, Formica sanguinea and Ginseng root to improve sexual performance and treat other health issues simultaneously. The treatment is by no mean allopathic, yet the results have been exemplary.

Black Ant Pills Strong Version is mainly produced in China and its prominent manufacturer has been Qinghai Baojiantang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The company has been listed on different yellow pages and its details can be found online without too much of web research. Although, the company hasn’t received reviews from direct customers, the product has received considerable reviews from the users.

Black Ant Pills Strong Version Reviews

Black Ant Strong Version has received a large number of customer reviews online. According to customers, the product did more than what they had expected, making it a popular brand among ED medications. Customers liked the fact that the medication proved to resolve every possible issue related to their sexual life. This is an example:
Black Ant Strong Version Reviews

Since one cannot attest to the legitimacy of those reviews, a more thorough investigation was done. Mixed reviews were found on an independent review site. Here are a few snippets:

This customer states that the purchase was a waste of money. The original product (red and white in color) was more potent – the newer versions are waste of money – they do not work.
Black Ant Strong Version Reviews
Another dissatisfied user – Joe states that the results were useless, a total waste of time and money.
Black Ant Strong Version Reviews

Buy Black Ant Strong Version Online

Black Ant Strong Version is readily available at many online pharmacies. As these pills are alternative Chinese medication, you may not find them on US based website easily, because of FDA restrictions, but Non-US pharmacies sell these pills with alacrity. It is available in a tin pack containing 12800mg 10 pills with extra 10 pills for sperm generation. The average price of Black Ant Strong Version tin pack is $30 per pack. You can purchase 3 tin packs for $90.

How to Use

Black Ant Pills Strong Version

Black Ant Pills Strong Version

Black Ant Strong Version pills are effective treatment for male impotence. The objective of these pills is to enhance, size, strength and duration of male reproductive organ. Moreover, additional pills may be taken to increase the sperm count and quality.

Polyrhachis ants and Formica Sanguinea are Ant species with powerful extract to improve sperm count and potency in men. The extract is used in the medicine to strengthen sex organ by giving it size, hardness and power. Some other benefits of this substance are mentioned below

  • Sex builder and aphrodisiac
  • Strength builder
  • May build stress resistance
  • Double direction immunization
  • Slowing the aging via DNA and RNA support
  • For strong musculoskeletal system
  • Improve consumption of other herbs taken with it
  • Superior Liver and Kidney tonic in Chinese Medicine
  • Extremely protective for the Liver
  • May help detoxify body from poison
  • Beneficial for digestive system and nervous system
  • Prevents shrinkage of thymus gland

The extract has following features

  • Contains high amount of Vitamins B1, B2, B12, D and E
  • High Protein (42-67% by mass)
  • Aldehyde compounds, the real source of strength for ants.
  • ATP
  • Zinc (major source), calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, selenium, and other elements.
  • Rich in ecdysterone, the hormone that stimulates insect growth.

Ginseng has been used to treat a number of medical conditions. It boosts the immune system. One particular type of American Ginseng extract decreases severity of cold in adults. It improves mood and boosts endurance as well as treat diseases like cancer, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, hepatitis C, menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure and other health conditions.

Chinese Wolfberry antioxidant-rich fruit, good for vision and effective skin treatment. Wolfberry reinforces liver, invigorates kidney and replenishes vital essence. It can be used in dishes like meat, vegetables soup, porridge, and teas. They can also be eaten dried and uncooked.

For better results, these pills must be used at least 10 to 15 minutes before planned sex. One pill takes 2 -3 days to consume. However, if required, the minimum duration between two successive dosages must be at least 24 hours.

Side Effects

Unlike other ED drugs, these pills are said to cause no side effects to the health because of their persistence in the body for 180 hours without causing any damage to it. However, the drug must be taken in a limited quantity (one pill at a time) with suitable duration between two successive dosages (at least 24 hours). It may cause prolong erection or multiple erections which can be controlled by drinking cold water.

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Black Ant Strong Version has been quite famous because of its "advertised" multiple effects to treat male impotence. From some of the reviews found online, customers have shown their trust and confidence in the medication, while others were quite dissatisfied. Another negative factor about Black Ant Strong Version is that its manufacturer, Qinghai Baojiantang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., does not have a website, even though, the company is listed on different forums as an authentic business. In addition, products from China are usually of inferior quality. Based on these factors, we give these pills to treat male impotence a rating of 2 out of 5.
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