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72 HP Male Enhancement Pills Reviews – Possibility that It’s Unsafe for Consumption

by Kim Lee 2016-07-21

Most men want to have a larger penis. Some are looking to actually increase their libido and virility and stop premature ejaculation. Whatever your reason is, you are looking to find the product that works the greatest and is the best value for your hard earned money.

With so many products available online it is hard to figure out which works and which ones do not.

A lot of times it could be trial and error. You can always look through various message boards just to see what other men are using and how they like a certain product. You can also ask an herbalist on what kind of ingredients to look for in an herbal remedy that is commonly used for erectile dysfunction.

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72 HP Male Enhancement Pills are intended to help stop premature ejaculation, help with sexual stamina, assist in getting an erection, and helps increase energy. They are claims that this product can make you go like a “stallion”.

The ingredients in 72 HP are Alpinia Galanga Fruit, Tortoise Plastron, Galangal Fruit, Broomrape, Deer Antler, Walnut Core, Deer Sinew, Sea Horse and Deer Genital. A closer look at the ingredients will reveal how this product is proposed to work. Alpinia Galanga Fruit is used to treat high blood pressure and helps you urinate. Galangal Fruit is used to treat impotence and is also an aphrodisiac. Tortoise Plastron is used to help with exhaustion and replenishes the blood, making it healthier. Broomrape has been called nature’s “Viagra” and used to help with impotence and fatigue. Deer antler is used an aphrodisiac, increases virility, and helps with circulation. Deer Sinew is used to treat male sexual problems, gives you energy, and improve blood circulation. Deer Genitalia is used to enhance virility and solve sexual problems. This seems like an herbal remedy that is beneficial more than just sexual enhancement.

The company that makes 72 HP is Shenzhen E-Life Technology Co. Ltd and they are based in China. They’ve been a member of since 2012. In addition to sexual enhancement pills, they also make e-cigarettes. They claim that their products meet international standards of quality. They employ over a 100 people and make over $20 million dollars annually. They are also one of the largest manufacturers of sex pills in China.

There is also a website devoted to their products which is rather unique for manufacturers in the same business. Some bulk customers who bought directly from the company like the service and says the products they bought work like they should.

72HP Male Enhancement Reviews

There aren’t many reviews online for this product. This was taken from the comment section of a blog. The user, Paxton, wrote that the product worked well in the beginning but then a week or so later, he did not see any difference.
72HP Male Enhancement Reviews
There is also a warning issued by the FDA stating that 72HP contains hidden ingredients that may be dangerous to one’s health.
72HP Male Enhancement Reviews

So in conclusion, based on the little that could be found, it seems like this product might work but possibly only work for a short time. It might be that your body becomes used to the ingredients in this product and may not work as well.

Buy 72HP Male Enhancement Pills Online

You can buy 72 HP Male Enhancement pills off the internet. You get 24 pills for about $15. It comes in a yellow package with a horse image on the front of the box. There are 550 mg of herbal ingredients per capsule.

How to Use 72 HP Male Enhancement Pills

72 HP Male Enhancement Pills

72 HP Male Enhancement Pills

Take one pill approximately 45 minutes before sexual activity on an empty stomach. The effects of this pill should last for 72 hours. You are not supposed to take more than one capsule in a 24 hour period.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects for 72 HP Male Enhancement Pills. However people under the age of 18 should not use this herbal remedy.

If you develop hives or a rash, have trouble breathing, or swelling in the throat or mouth, stop use and seek medical attention because you might be having an allergic reaction. Always talk to your doctor before starting any herbal remedy because it may interact with medicines that you already take. If you experience an erection for more than 4 hours, you should see a doctor.

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This is an herbal remedy which is advertised to assist users with an erection and increase sexual desire and stamina while having sex. It also helps with premature ejaculation. Due to the fact that we couldn't find a substantial amount of reviews, we cannot tell if it works or not. Based on one customer comment, it may stop working after using for some time. Another negative about 72 HP Male Enhancement Pills is that the FDA issued a warning about the product, deeming it unsafe to use due to the harmful ingredients that it contains. Products made in China are also blacklisted as inferior. With all these factors in mind, 72 HP Male Enhancement Pills receives a 1 star rating out a possible 5 star rating.
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